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Friday, February 22, 2008

Number One Brain Cell Killer just came out with a list of "50 Things That Kill Brain Cells". Not surprisingly, the number one killer of brain cells - sniffing paint. It ranked ahead of other harmful activities such as:

  • doing cocaine (2)
  • getting a concussion (4), and
  • going through chemotherapy (21)

Other inhalants were also mentioned, including:

  • cleaning solvents (35)
  • paint remover (40), and
  • nitrous oxide (48)

Inhalant abuse not only affects the brain but can also lead to other serious medical issues, such as liver and kidney damage, hearing loss, bone marrow damage, and heart problems. Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome can occur the first time anyone tries inhalants, and occurs when the heart beats rapidly and erratically and eventually stops.

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