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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Texas Teenager Arrested for Huffing Related Accident


A 17-year-old Texas man was arrested after a passenger in his pickup was injured in an accident that occurred after the man inhaled duster. A police officer responded to a crash with injuries.  The officer saw a white pickup that had crashed into the back of another pickup.  A passenger in the white truck told the officer he believed his arm was broken.  He also told the officer that the driver, the 17-year-old man, was huffing duster from a can while driving and crashed into the parked pickup.  The officer found the can at the crash site and learned that the driver had fled the scene on foot.

Another officer found the man blocks away.  He had an injury to his chin and inside of his mouth.  He was transported to the hospital  for treatment before bring arrested.  He was arrested for a third-degree felony charge of accident involving serious bodily injury and a class B misdemeanor charge of possession or use of an inhalant with volatile chemicals.

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