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Friday, June 27, 2014

Car Stuck in Pasture After Driver Abuses Inhalants Behind The Wheel

Via the Franklin Sun Journal in Maine:

A 36 year old man faces charges after an inhalant related incident.  He took off in a car without the owner's permission and subsequently took out a couple of mailboxes, went off the road, traveled across the lawn into a pasture, damaging a fence, the field and the vehicle.

When the car got stuck the first time, a 14 year old jumped out and ran to the road for help.  The second time, the officer approached the car and noticed the driver had locked himself in and was huffing computer dusting spray.

He was taken to the detention center on a felony charge of driving after habitual offender revocation and charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving to endanger because of the teen in the vehicle. His license is revoked on a prior charge of driving under the influence and he was also given a summons on a civil charge of ingesting inhalants.

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