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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Army Vet Charged with Inhalant Abuse for Third Time in Massachusetts

Via the Berkshire Eagle in Massachusetts:

For the third time, a 32 year old man has been found passed out behind the wheel of his truck with the engine running. A can of computer duster was still in his hand and several empty cans were found nearby.

The same officer that found him also charged him in August 2013 after he was found impaired after allegedly huffing computer duster. The man is currently on probation on charges of negligent operation and driving under the influence from a similar incident in November.

His attorney claims computer duster wasn't included as a drug under the operating under the influence of drugs statute. He also noted his client was an Iraq War veteran who was given a medical discharge for PTSD after 12 years in the Army. The judge released the man on personal recognizance with restrictions.

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