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Friday, December 9, 2011

South Carolina Man Cited for Huffing in a Hotel: Fifth Time Since May

Via Live 5 News in Charleston, South Carolina:

A 27 year-old man has been cited for inhalant abuse, his fifth time since May. Police responded to the Comfort Inn where the assistant general manager was concerned about one of the guests.

He had been staying at the hotel for several days but hadn’t left his room. When the manager went to his room to check, he “answered the door holding an aerosol dust remover” and looked “like we was high.” She ran his name through RMS and saw that he had been cited four previous times and that the last time has been on Thanksgiving.

Police entered the room and found him “sitting in a chair holding a can of the dust remover.” The report states his face “was red and his eyes were glossy and bloodshot.” 15 cans of aerosol dusters were found in the room. He was cited for “unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons.”

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