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Monday, November 29, 2010

Arizona Man Chokes Woman After Huffing Dusters

Via the Daily Courier in AZ:

Earlier this month a 27 year-old man was arrested in an inhalant abuse related incident.

Police responded to a call regarding a man threatening a woman with a knife. They found a woman crying in the driveway and saw a male run back inside the house. The woman told police the man had huffed two cans of computer duster so she asked him to leave. He became violent and verbally threatened her before grabbing her hair and choking her.

Police saw the man “pick up an aerosol can and inhale the vapor through a straw while the officer was negotiating with him to leave the home.” He was treated at the hospital for chemical inhalation and then arrested for unlawful imprisonment, aggravated assault, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and assault, all per domestic violence.

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