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Monday, October 18, 2010

Missouri Teen Overcomes Addiction to Inhalant Abuse

Via Hattiesburg American in Missouri:

Last Friday, the paper featured a local student who overcame his addiction to drugs. That article can be accessed here. In the follow-up story this weekend, an interesting note about his inhalant addiction.

He started by “taking downers before moving to marijuana.” He then moved to abusing Adderall and then “after that it was alcohol and, finally, huffing gasoline fumes.” Frightening statement from him regarding his abuse of gasoline: "When I was huffing gas, I knew I would probably die but I didn't really car. I wasn't trying to commit suicide, but I didn't care whether I lived or died. It didn’t matter if I woke up in the morning or not. I couldn’t care less back then. I guess that was bottom.”

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Alexia Miller said...

How horrible for this person to feel this way! No one should be made to feel that he or she is worthless and not worth living! there must be a deep scar in this person's soul and it needs a lot of work.

Alexia Miller