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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fatal Crash in New Jersey Caused by Inhalants

Via the Trentonian in New Jersey:

Authorities have revealed that inhalant abuse was a cause of the fatal crash last March in Pemberton, New Jersey.

The 20 year-old driver reportedly huffed a can of computer duster in a Wal-Mart bathroom before getting into his car. His car soon veered off the road into oncoming traffic where it struck another car, killing the 27 year-old father who was behind the wheel.
The investigation found that the driver “made no attempt to steer or brake to avoid a collision.” Additionally, “Forensic tests indicated marijuana and Difluoroethane were present in (his) blood at the time of the collision.”

He was arrested last Friday on charges of “vehicular homicide, assault by auto and intoxication while under age. He was booked into the Burlington County Jail on $100,000 cash bail”

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