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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ace Congratulates SAFE

Congratulations to Substance Abuse Free Environment Inc. (SAFE) for being selected as one of the recipients of the 2010 National Exemplary Award for Innovative Substance Abuse Prevention Programs, Practices and Policies! SAFE received the award for its inhalant abuse prevention initiative.

SAFE began its education efforts in the Virginia community of Chesterfield in 1999. Though inhalant abuse was not a well-known issue, data showed inhalants were abused at an alarming rate among local eighth graders.

According to the recent Prevention Needs Assessment Survey, SAFE’s work has helped to reduce this rate. Over the past five years (2005 to 2010), SAFE has reduced lifetime use of inhalants among eighth graders by 44%! Furthermore, use of inhalants in this community during the past 30 days has also dropped by 64% since 2005. To see the entire survey, please click here.

This is a great accomplishment for SAFE and the community their work continues to impact! For more information about their educational programs or to read about how SAFE has inspired hundreds of community volunteers over the years, please visit

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