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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Morning America: Huffing

From Good Morning America:

With National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week(NIPAW) here and gone , media outlets are still drawing attention to inhalant abuse. This increased consciousness around the issue has brought to light accounts by former users about their journey back to sobriety and admonition against taking a road trodden many teens.

This morning ABC news show Good Morning America underscored the gravity of inhalant abuse in a segment which showed an athlete's fall from grace. The young man, now 16, began huffing duster while at friend's house in middle school. His first huffing experience dragged him into a vicious 4-year long downward spiral. He became anti-social, performed poorly in school and exhibited unpredictably irritable behavior.

"It is such a short high, so you can't pull yourself away from it," he shared.

His parents were unaware until his mother discover her son blacked-out next to a gasoline can. After he fled to the woods, his parent's rushed him to the hospital for treatment. The young man's new substance of choice almost took his life but his parent's action saved him from an almost certain outcome. We are happy to report the young man is now on the path to recovery.

We extend a special thanks to Good Morning America for discussing this difficult, but pervasive issue.

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