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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unconscious Driver Causes Crash

From The Bellingham Herald in Washington

A 20-year-old female has been summoned to appear in court after she caused a three car crash on the night of October 29th. The young woman was allegedly ‘huffing’ computer duster prior to the crash with two female passengers, when she lost consciousness and crossed into oncoming lanes of traffic, striking a pick up truck head on and rear-ending a minivan. Police have cited the 20-year-old on “suspicion of vehicular assault.” No life threatening injuries were reported, but one of the passengers was “ejected from the car, suffered bruising, a 5- to 8-inch gash on her neck, a broken bone and internal injuries.”

Upon further investigation, police have learned that the three females did in fact purchase a can of computer dust remover from a local store prior to the crash- which they ‘huffed’ in a nearby parking lot. One of the female passengers told police she tried to take the can away from the 20-year-old driver; even grabbing the steering wheel in an attempt to navigate through traffic after her friend passed out behind the wheel- “but didn't remember crashing.”

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