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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Man Arrested For Selling Whippets

From ABC 13 News in Ohio

Police have arrested the owner of a Bowling Green business for selling drug paraphernalia and trafficking in harmful intoxicants. Last weekend several officers raided the business and seized drug paraphernalia along with a supply of nitrous oxide whippets and “crackers”- which are specially designed to open canisters of nitrous oxide.

When questioned by the police, the owner stated that the alleged “whippets” were merely “whipped cream chargers used for baking.” However, several confidential informants were recruited by local police to “go in to the store, purchase items, and speak with the employees about specific merchandise” and their intended use. Informants told police the owner was well aware he was selling items that promoted drug use. The store’s owner is facing three felony charges and up to 18 months in jail for drug trafficking.

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