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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wisconsin Mom Huffing in the Restroom While Son Cries

Via WQOW in Wisconsin:

Police responded to a Wal-Mart after customers complained about a 3 year old crying in the store’s restroom. The boy was saying there was something wrong with his mom so a customer checked the stall and found his mother huffing from an aerosol can.

The woman was unresponsive but when she came to, she stormed out of the restroom into the store and started shopping. Customers followed her until police arrived. A few days later she was again involved in an inhalant related incident. She passed out while driving, with her young son in the car.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Man Burned After Abusing Inhalants

Via the in Pennsylvania:

A 31 year old man ended up in the hospital earlier this week after an inhalant abuse incident. He was abusing inhalants in the parking lot of a local business when he lit a cigarette. The fumes ignited, burning his face and hands. He was taken to the hospital and charged with “being under the influence of a toxic chemical.”

Huffing Behind the Wheel Leads to Crash At Fast Food Drive Thru

Via WKBN / WYFX TV in Ohio:

Earlier this week a 38 year old female was charged with “DUI and illegal use and possession of the noxious or solvent substance and reckless driving” after an inhalant related crash. She rear ended another vehicle in a fast food drive through after huffing computer dusting spray behind the wheel. When police responded they noted the four cans of the keyboard cleaner in the car.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Man Arrested for Huffing in Wal-Mart

Via the Union Leader in New Hampshire:

Police arrested a man after Wal-Mart employees found him huffing compressed gas in the store. He passed out but had woken up and was huffing the product when police arrived. He was taken to the hospital for observation and charged with “inhaling toxic vapors for effect, disorderly conduct and willful concealment.”

16 Year Old Charged After Deadly Inhalant Related Crash

Via The News Observer in Georgia:

The county grand jury returned a 16 count indictment against a 16 year old male after an inhalant related crash on July 1, 2011 that killed a Florida girl and seriously injured several members of her family. One of the charges included driving under the influence of an inhalant.

Mother of Two Killed After Driver Huffs Behind the Wheel

Via StlToday in St Louis, Missouri:

A 38 year-old mother of two was killed on September 13, 2010 when a 28 year old male who had been huffing behind the wheel crashed into her at a service station. The article states a tank of refrigerant was found in the man’s car and a witness had claimed he has a history of huffing refrigerant and had passed out just after huffing behind the wheel. His car hit a small pole before striking the 38 year old woman. The driver is being charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wisconsin Woman Sentenced for Huffing

Via Leader-Telegram in Wisconsin:

A 45 year old woman pleaded guilty to a “misdemeanor charge of intentionally abusing a hazardous substance” and was charged $243. On September 19 she had been found huffing computer dusting spray outside a local business.

The article also notes she was sentenced in April 2010 to “eight months in jail and five years of probation for inhaling from an aerosol can to get high prior to being involved in a one-vehicle traffic crash”

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Huffing Behind the Wheel in Utah

Via the Standard Examiner in Utah:

This weekend an 18 year old male was involved in an inhalant related accident after huffing computer duster behind the wheel. He and his 17 year old passenger were treated at the hospital and the driver was cited for “driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a psychotoxic chemical, failure to wear a seat belt and failure to stop at a stop sign.”

Caught Huffing in an Ohio Bathroom

Via Mansfield News Journal in Ohio:

This weekend a 20 year old man was issued a summonses for “theft, abusing harmful intoxicants and possession of drug paraphernalia.” The police report notes the man took a spray can into the bathroom at a Wal-Mart and inhaled it to get high.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blistered Results from Repeated Huffing in Ohio

Via the Sandusky Register in Ohio:

Last Thursday, a search for the source of an odd odor led police to a 24 year old man huffing computer dusting spray in his living room. He was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants.

The report notes that when officers arrived they found the man surrounded by dozens of spent canisters of the dusting spray and his “mouth was swollen and covered with large, festering yello blisters” from huffing the spray.

The man told police he received a bulk shipment of the compressed gas four days ago after ordering them online at Amazon. He noted he needs the duster to “slow down his brain.” His mother was there with him as paramedics took him to the medical center. She said her son inhales dusters “all the time” even when she is present.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Driver Huffing Leads to Accident in North Carolina

Via WITN in North Carolina:

A 24 year old woman has been charged with “careless and reckless driving, driving left of the center line and for inhaling toxic vapors” after an inhalant related accident yesterday.

The police report notes the driver has been huffing from an aerosol can when she lost control of the car and crashed into building. The building is now being renovated and the church next door was also affected. The driver is still behind bars on a $1,000 bond.

Reckless Driving: Huffing While Driving in NY

Via North Country Now in New York:

A 35 year old man was charged with “driving and possession of toxic vapors” after an incident last Tuesday. The article notes “state law considers unlawful possession of inhalants and glues containing a solvent which releases toxic vapors used in “huffing,” or intoxication with the vapors, to be a violation.”

Monday, January 9, 2012

Caught Huffing Paint in a Church in Indiana

Via WSBT in Indiana:

A 28 year old man was arrested at a church after he was found huffing gold paint in a stairwell. He was “arrested, accused of trespassing and inhaling toxic vapors.”

Tasered After Huffing in Wisconsin

Via the Waukesha Patch in Wisconsin:

Last week a 26 year old man was charged with “intentionally abusing a hazardous substance” after an incident earlier this summer.

On August 12th, an officer was conducting a traffic stop when the 26 year old man began yelling and waving his arms to call him over. When he arrived at the park and ride lot the officer found the man slumped over, passed out in his car. The man woke up and started huffing from a can of computer dusting spray. The officer tried to take the can away but was unable to so he shocked the man with a Taser.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sentenced for Inhalant Abuse in Wisconsin

Via WQOW TV in Wisconsin:

A Wisconsin mother with a history of huffing has been sentenced. In September she was found lying on the ground near a grocery store after she had been huffing. This week she was put on probation and ordered to start a treatment program.

The article also notes that two years ago the woman was arrested after rolling her car while huffing and then several weeks later was found in a motel room surrounded by 35 empty aerosol cans.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Arrested for Huffing: Twice in the Same Day & In the Same Location

Via the Bismark Tribune in North Dakota:

A 30 year-old man was arrested for inhalant abuse-twice in the same day and in the same parking lot. He had previously been arrested after driving under the influence of inhalants in August.

A police officer noticed a suspicious car in the mall parking lot and when he approached the car he saw the man put an aerosol can up to his mouth. He was arrested for inhalation of vapors and released after booking.

Around 8 hours later a different officer was driving through the mall parking lot when he noticed the car. Upon investigation he saw that the car was running and the driver was passed out holding an aerosol can in his hand. He was arrested and taken to the detention center where he was held on bond.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Caught Huffing While Awaiting Sentencing for Inhalant Abuse

Via the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

A 29 year-old man was arrested earlier this month after a probation officer caught him huffing computer duster spray behind a dumpster at the day reporting center. The officer noticed he appeared under the influence and had “an aerosol canister in his left jacket pocket.”

The man has been ordered to report to the center while awaiting sentencing on an inhalant related hit and run crash in October, his “third offense of being under the influence of a solvent.”