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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michigan Teen Crashes Car into Security Guard After Using Inhalants Behind the Wheel


A 16 year-old male student is being charged after an inhalant related crash. On May 16th, the teen allegedly “squirted a cleaning product from a spray can onto a rag and then took a deep sniff before passing out while driving” in the school’s parking lot.

The car then hit a 52 year-old security guard, who was “thrown into the air, landing on her head while the car continued through the intersection, over a curb and through a field” before it came to a stop after sideswiping a tree. It is reported the car was traveling at 45 mph.

The police report notes that the driver regained consciousness before instructing the 15 year-old passenger to lie to police and tell them the driver lost control of the car in an attempt to retrieve his cell phone. The 15 year –old allegedly provided the product that was huffed and admitted to lying to police.

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