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Monday, April 16, 2012

Teen Crashes into a House after Huffing

Via in Alabama:

A teenager who huffed and drove led police in a car chase before crashing into a house.

Police received reports that there was a man in a parking lot with a gun, and when they arrived on the scene they saw the teenager sitting in a car. When police approached the car, the teen backed into a police car and fled the parking lot, hitting another parked car in the process.

The teen then led police on a car chase, with one officer saying that the teen "almost hit several cars and almost caused a number of wrecks." The teen lost the police by weaving in and out of streets, but then the teen's vehicle "knocked down a street light pole, ran through a yard and the car then flipped on its side and ended up on the front porch of the residence."

No one was injured during the chase and the crash, and the teen admitted to huffing six cans of electronic duster earlier and one can while driving. The teen is being charged with, among other things, attempting to elude police and driving while under the influence.

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