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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bermuda Releases Student Drug Survey

Via The Royal Gazette in Bermuda:

This week, Bermuda released the results of the 2011 National School Survey, which contains data on substance abuse in students (the survey can be viewed here).

The survey found that the average age of a student’s first use of inhalants was 9.3 years. The survey noted that inhalant use does decrease as students get older, but Judith Burgess does not find this comforting. Ms. Burgess is the executive director of PRIDE Bermuda (Parent Resource Institute for Drug Education). She says that the decrease in inhalant abuse could indicate that students are moving on to other drugs as they get older.

The survey also found that students cited “sensation seeking” as the main reason for trying drugs. Ms. Burgess notes, “I would say that especially with that risk factor of sensation seeking being higher than I for one estimated, they are likely seeking sensation at that young age. If they start at that age I don’t think they are just going to stop.”

Ms. Burgess has said that her organization will look at developing drug education for younger students.

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