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Monday, September 19, 2011

He turned to Huffing to Escape Bullying

Via KSN TV in Kansas:

In 2002 the station covered the story of a young teen being bullied over his mild mental retardation. The boy’s mom explained that over the next decade he turned to inhalant abuse to escape the teasing and at twenty-four his “brain stopped working the last time he “huffed” to get high.”

The article notes for six days doctors tried to save him, but he was diagnosed as brain dead and his family was forced to let Nik go. His mom says “her heart has been broken “into a million pieces.”

The story adds "but she wanted his story told, hoping someone can learn a lesson that bullying devastates kids, and the scars it leaves can lead to making bad choices with potentially fatal consequences. "He walked a little different, he was a little different,” Kat said. “If they would have just taken the time to get to know him, they would have realized that he had such a wonderful soul.”

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