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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arrested After Threatening Walmart Greeter

Via The Sentinel in Pennsylvania

In an update to a story posted last week, a 46 year-old man has been arrested yet again for inhalant abuse. He’s reported to have been wielding a hunting knife at a Walmart and threatening to stab a 71 year-old greeter.

The article points out that the man has had “run-ins with local police for more than two decades, many of which involved carburetor fluid, unique weapons and had to be handled with Tasers”
On February 17th police found him passed out in a park with a can of carburetor fluid and rag nearby. When they woke him up, he became combative and was subdued with a Taser. The November before, a similar incident occurred and in 2009 he was found near a middle school using a knife to open a can of carburetor spray and again resisted arrest so he was Tasered.

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