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Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Huffing Related Crashes in North Dakota

Via the Bismarck Tribune in North Dakota:

Earlier this week two people were arrested in separate alleged huffing related incidents.

A 20 year old woman pleaded guilty to “driving under the influence and driving under suspension, both Class B misdemeanors, and inhalation of vapors, an infraction.” She was sentenced to nine days in jail, a year of unsupervised probation and $500 in fines. Police report that she had been inhaling computer dusting spray while driving when her pickup truck “"drove off the road into a ditch, continued traveling in a grassy field up a steep hill and crashed into a garage.”

Three hours later, a 30 year man was also involved in a huffing computer dusting spray while driving related incident. Officers responded to a report of a man passed out while stopped at an intersection but they located the car nearby in a ditch. It had nearly struck pedestrians, gone over a curb, and landed in a ditch. The driver was still behind the wheel and upon noticing the officers he tried to drive away. The judge suspended his sentence and ordered him to pay $600 in fines.

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