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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Q&A With Board Certified Family Medicine Physician: Dr. Caudle

Dr. Jennifer Caudle is a physician Board certified in Family Medicine who promotes , wellness and motivational programs. She has appeared on ABC News, written healthy advice articles and led workshops nationally. Her message of wellness has reached over 50,000 people and she can be found at

Q: How should parents promote dialogue with their children about inhalant abuse?

A: One of the best things to do is to ask about their behavior, friends behavior and things they’ve seen

Q: What would you like children to know about the danger and severity of inhalant abuse?

A: A lot of people don’t know how common it is. You can have effects after the first try such as nausea, headaches; and more serious issues such as kidney, heart, lung problems and even sudden death.

Q: What are some treatments inhalant abusers must undergo to end their addiction?

A: There are treatment centers for abusers to get help. The most important thing is to get them help.

Q: Why do you feel inhalants are so popular?
A: Inhalants are popular because they are so easy to find. Many substances can be found around the house and at hardware stores.

Q: What is something that is usually overlooked when it comes to inhalant abuse?

A: A lot of adults abuse inhalants as well. Well over 54% of people who go to treatment are adults. Inhalant abuse can happen at all ages.

Q: What is your main message to the public?

A: People tend to overlook inhalant abuse as substance abuse when in reality it is. The signs are not always clear you may or may not notice them. Knowledge is power. We need to educate children, adults and health care providers more on this issue. No one should use inhalants. Parents, talk to your kids about the dangers. Also, physicians are always a great resource for any questions or advice.

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