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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Driver Witnesses Another Driver Huffing While Driving

Via Denton County, TX

A caller reported to police that he had witnessed a man stop in the middle of an intersection and huff from an aerosol can. After huffing the man shook his head and fell against the door, reported the witness.

The witness then followed the driver and informed the authorities of where he was heading.

Paramedics arrived and reported that there were two aerosol cans in the vehicle, one between the mans legs and one on the floor.

Officers then caught up with the man and he proceeded to tell them he did not know where he was. Officers confiscated the aerosol cans and a needle and spoon with heroin residue on them.

The man was arrested and charged with possesion of inhalants, obstructing a roadway and driving with a suspended license.

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