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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Indiana Woman Suffers Second Degree Burns From Huffing

Via in Indiana:

A 20 year old woman was taken via helicopter to a burn unit after an inhalant related incident earlier this week.

The woman was in her car outside a Walgreens when “customers heard a "loud pop,'' then saw clothes inside the woman's car on fire.” She ran from the car and police found her with second-degree burns on her head, neck, arms and hands.

The woman told firefighters she had been “huffing” cans of aerosol deodorant but then told police she was merely emptying the cans to get rid of the contents after her stint in a rehabilitation facility.

Police note she has a history of huffing and they allege she lit a cigarette while inhaling the products. The report also points out that all the car windows were up and nearly a dozen aerosol cans were found in the car.”

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