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Friday, August 6, 2010

Paint Huffing Man Arrested in Arkansas With Knife

From the Log Cabin Democrat in Arkansas:

This past Tuesday, police responded to a local hotel after a woman complained a man was taking pictures of her daughters while they were swimming in the pool. The woman had complained to the man but he “exited his room holding a large knife” and then just stood and stared at her before returning to the room.

Responding officers noticed the man peering out of his window but he quickly closed the curtain once he noticed police. He refused to open the door so hotel staff keyed entry. Inside they found the 57-year old man “lying on the bed and an “overwhelming odor of inhalants” in the room.”

The report notes silver spray paint was found on his face, hands, feet, and bedsheets. Additionally, “Several cans of silver spray paint were found in the room, as well as a plastic bag with silver paint in it. Two knives were located in the room within reach of the suspect, and a black Chihuahua was found under the bedsheets.”

He was arrested for criminal trespassing and using inhalants.

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