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Friday, July 23, 2010

Navy Men Recovering After Oxygen Canister Explodes

From Kitsap Sun (July 19)

Two Navy men got more than they bargained for when their oxygen canister exploded. The duo, 28 and 22, received second- and third-degree burns with the younger charring his face, neck and chest. They sustained injuries from a canister that was thrown into an open flame. Their carelessness landed them in ICU and they are in "satisfactory" condition.

The ensuing events endangered several people including two women and three children who were nearby. Reports suggest they were not injured, but it was a close call as the explosion launched the canister across a street. The canister landed between a gas station and coffee shop approximately 300 feet away.

Witnesses say the men previously stole oxygen canisters to huff the chemical contents. A commanding officer said inhalant abuse violates the Navy and can result in a discharge. She claimed to have no knowledge of huffing or the men's alleged abuse.

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