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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Florida Study: Inhalants Caused Deaths

From Docuticker:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement recently released new data about the presence of drugs in the deceased. The report is insightful as inhalant abuse deaths are not always recorded as such. The friends and family of victims can be reluctant to list the cause of death as they may be fearful of the stigma attached to a drug related passing.

Medical examiners reported 8,653 drug-related deaths in 2009. Of these, examiners say a majority had more than one drug in their system. The data collected showed:
  • Diflourethane caused 9 out of 12 recorded deaths.
  • The investigation also revealed that helium caused 6 out of 11 recorded deaths in this category.
  • Nitrous oxide caused 1 out of 3 recorded deaths.
  • A group named "Other Inhalants" was the cause of death in 11 out of 11 cases.
You can view the complete report here.

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