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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Man Found With Duster, Denies Intoxication

From My Fox9:

A Minnesota man was found unconscious in his car earlier this today. Feared to be intoxicated, Target patrons called the police. The man took nearly 20 seconds to respond to a tap on his shoulder, which confirmed suspicions. When he was finally roused, the man tried to disguise his apparent wrong doing.

The man, 35, claimed he was on his way to work and only parked in the lot for "a couple of minutes". However the man showed a worrying lack of coordination as he struggled to stand up straight upon exiting the car. A drug expert confirmed the man was not sober and police arrested him on the spot.

This is the second DWI charge issued to the St. Paul resident. In 2006, he was charged in a different county.

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