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Monday, May 17, 2010

Huffing Driver Causes $10,000 In Damages

From The Lumina News (May 14):

A teenage driver survived on a ride to remember after walking away from a potential fatal car crash. The 19-year old lost consciousness while driving a car police suspect hit 70 miles per hour before heading off the road. Her vehicle, which was carrying two passengers, hit a mulch patch crossed the median prior to smashing into a tree. After the car crashed at an estimate 45 miles per hour, she attempted to flee the scene fearing she would receive another DWI charge.

Police responded to the scene and arrested the woman who had abused duster in the moments leading up to the crash. All three occupants were taken to hospital for care. Although released on bond to her mother, the driver caused $10,000 in damage to the vehicle. The most recent report said one person is still in the hospital.

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