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Monday, August 10, 2009

Police Officers Brace Attack From 'Huffer'

From the Purcell Register in Oklahoma:

A 25 year old man who had been huffing is responsible for injuring two police officers. He was “charged with a felony of assault on a police officer, and three misdemeanors of inhaling a toxic substance, resisting an existing officer and public intoxication.”

An officer confronted the man after the man was “looking around as if he did not know where he was.” As the officer approached, the man “placed a can of computer duster up to his face” and admitted he had been huffing from the can. The man then began to “shake violently, dropping his lighter.” He then started huffing from the can again.

Police officers tried to take the can but the man fought them off. As they handcuffed him, he atatcked them, breaking the hand of one officer. A second officer was injured as they tried to place the man in the car.

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