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Monday, June 15, 2009

Police Armed and Ready for Battle

From the Cody Enterprise in Cody, Wyoming

For the past 12 months police officers in Cody, Wyoming have undergone an extensive Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training program in efforts to increase awareness and identification of the various “impairing substances many drivers use before taking the wheel.”

Hoping to enhance police awareness as to the source and “signs of impairment in drivers with low blood alcohol content,” officers have specifically extended the consequences, implications, and criterion necessitating a charge of DWUI- driving while under the influence.

No longer strictly designated to alcohol intoxication, a DWUI charge entails any use, abuse, or consumption of “illegal drugs, prescription pills, or household chemicals” while operating a motor vehicle.

Cody, Wyoming police are becoming keener as to the signs, impairments, and dangers arising from inhalant use, and are actively prohibiting such incidents of chemical negligence.

Officers hope that broadening DWUI charges, accompanied with stricter penalties is the answer for restoring safety among the streets of Cody; as “an inhalant like computer duster can produce impairment three times that of the legal alcohol limit with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .30.”

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