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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family of Boy Killed from Huffing Gasoline Speaks Out

WSOC TV in Charlotte, NC

Embedded in the article, there is an extremely powerful video from the family of a 15 year-old boy who died from huffing gasoline.

The boy passed away six months ago and his family is now speaking out against inhalant abuse. His mom noted that he had denied abusing inhalants but that she could smell the gasoline on him. When he finally admitted to it, they took him to counseling. Two weeks later he spent the night at his grandmother’s house but never woke up.

“The death certificate and autopsy results both list his cause of death as "probable inhalation of gasoline." His mom says, “he was a part of me, and when he died, a part of me died.” She had the chance to speak with some of his friends after her son had died and they admitted after he died “they had been doing it about three months.”

The Substance Abuse Preventive Services in Charlotte notes that “Seven minutes of inhaling does as much damage to your liver as seven years of drinking.”

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