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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seattle TV Station Investigates Nitrous Kits

From in Seattle, Washington

The TV station investigative team noticed “cases of nitrous canisters” (typically used in homemade whipped cream makers) “popping up for sale in places that weren't exactly kitchen supply stores.”

Knowing that the product is often used as an inhalant, they sent 16 year olds into stores with a hidden camera. “We wanted to see if clerks would sell them what’s known as a nitrous kit. It consists of "whip-its" or whipped creamers, a cracker and balloons.” Their investigation revealed that several shops did indeed sell the kit to minors.

The article notes, “The cracker's only purpose is to help a huffer get the nitrous gas out of the container and into their lungs without getting frostbite” yet it “is not on Washington's drug paraphernalia list and for now, is legal to possess and sell.” The piece also noted that “nitrous oxide is not listed in Washington as a controlled substance." Police indicate they wanted to see this "loophole" closed.


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