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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Butane Abuse in Canada

From the Bugle-Observer in New Brunswick, Canada:

Town residents are concerned that butane is being used as an inhalant in their community.

Last weekend, a resident found the items on a nature trail and called the authorities. A town employee responded and found “13 used butane containers, a steel bowl and a couple of pipes.”

The article notes, “Butane gas is used as a fuel for cooking and camping, but, in recent years, it has become prominent among the youth, using it as an inhalant to get high or reach an euphoric state.”

The recreation director warned, “It is not great stuff to be dealing with. If it is being inhaled, it can do permanent damage to a young person or an adult. It is a gas, and you could be quickly overcome by it,"

He cautioned, “It is also dangerous to play with, The pipes could have been for shooting fire through them, (but) the flame could get bottled up in the pipe and pushed back on you, and you would be engulfed in flames in no time."

The mayor expressed concern noting the seriousness of the issue. “That is scary stuff.” She remarked.

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