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Monday, July 21, 2008

Glue-Sniffing on the Rise in Fiji

According to the Fiji Daily Post, glue-sniffing is on the rise with the younger students.

The article notes, “in a statement, interim Minister for Education Filipe Bole said his ministry was “seriously concerned” on how glue sniffing was escalating at an alarming rate and “efforts to protect children needs to be vigilantly pursued.” The minister said that although the substance was relatively new in Fiji, it was “reaching crisis proportions”.

A parent is “calling on parents to be more vigilant with their children and be aware of the availability of the item in various shops.” The minister “stressed that the most effective weapon in the war on such drugs was education” and “added that it was crucial that parents, caregivers, guardians, the school and the community to work together to assist in the monitoring.”

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