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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Former Soldier Killed by Inhalants

The FayObserver in Fayetteville, NC reports that a combination of prescription pills and computer cleaner recently took the life of Joseph Patrick Dwyer.

31 year old Dwyer was a “former Army medic who became famous after he was photographed helping a wounded Iraqi boy.”

Three years ago, in an interview with Newsday, “Dwyer and his friends admitted that Dwyer abused inhalants.”

Capt. Floyd Thomas of the Pinehurst Police Department states that “bottles of pills and a canister of computer cleaner were found near Dwyer when police entered his home this past Saturday.”

“Dwyer had called transportation on Saturday night to take him to the hospital after an apparent overdose. When the cab driver arrived, Dwyer was lying on the floor. Dwyer told the driver he could not get to the door, according to the police report.The driver called police, who kicked in the door of the Longleaf Drive home at Dwyer’s request.”

“Help me, please,” Dwyer told police through his front door. “I’m dying. Help me. I can’t breathe.”

After being loaded into an ambulance, medics performed CPR, according to the police report. He was pronounced dead at 7:48 p.m.

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