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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Jersey woman arrested three times in one day for huffing

Via LehighValleyLive in PA: 

A 29-year-old Long Valley woman was repeatedly arrested on Saturday, June 28th for inhaling computer cleaner at several stores in a Walmart shopping center. Police found the woman in the bathroom of a department store with a can of computer duster in her hand. Instead of releasing the can as instructed, the woman inhaled from it. She was arrested and charged with inhaling a controlled dangerous substance.

Later that day, police were called back to the shopping center for the same woman who was passed out in the grass and holding another can of computer duster. After being advised to put down the can, she inhaled from it and passed out from the fumes. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital and charged with inhaling a controlled dangerous substance and for shoplifting two cans of computer duster from the Walmart.

After her discharge from the hospital, the same woman was found in the bathroom of another store inhaling computer duster. After being told by police to put down the can and open the door, the woman inhaled the substance. The police kicked the door in to gain access and found the woman unresponsive. The police began rescue breathing and called the emergency squad. The woman began to breathe and was transported to the hospital again. Police have contacted Crisis Intervention to offer the woman counseling and assistance.

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