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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clay County Approves Huffing Ordinance

The quest by sheriffs from Clay County to make inhalant abuse illegal has finally come to an end.

County supervisors passed the ordinance making inhalant abuse illegal.

The law carries a penalty of a $300 fine and a possible sentence of up to 30 days in jail. There will also be a fine of $150 for possessing huffing paraphernalia.

Via in Spencer, IA

DJ Found Huffing in Parking Lot

A 38-year-old man was arrested and charged with use of intoxicating compounds and resisting arrest after he was found huffing gold spray paint in a parking lot.

Ironically enough, the man was huffing in the parking lot of a night club where he was scheduled to DJ. He never made it inside.

When police arrived, they found the man with a gold colored bag and a red can in his possession.

Police reported the man as being "incoherent" and "dazed." The 38-year-old had gold paint on his body, arms, face and inside his vehicle; where they found a child's seat also covered in gold paint.

When the man was told to drop his bag and can he huffed from the can one last time and attempted to run away.

The man will appear in court in mid September.

Via in Mokena, IL

Huffer Causes Fatal Car Crash

Two people are dead as a result of a fatal car crash caused by huffing. A man was huffing while driving northbound when he went unconscious, crossed over the median and struck a southbound vehicle.

The crash killed the back passenger of the southbound vehicle instantly. The driver of the northbound vehicle, the man who had been huffing, later died in the hospital.

A toxicology screen done on the huffing driver found a high level of 1,1-difluoroethane. A can of keyboard cleaner was found in the man's vehicle at the scene of the crash.

The case has been classified as death-reckless homicide and no charges will be made.

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A Message from KHOU Houston on the Dangers of Refrigerant

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ipswich Pushes for Huffing Control

Footage of two girls on a four hour huffing binge was released to the public on a local Ipswich television station surfaced the news.

Sniffing or huffing inhalants is not illegal for Ipswich teens. The mayor of Ipswich was quoted saying that huffing teens should be put in rehabilitation centers to get help.

Police intervened after the binge but were limited to what they could do to the huffing girls. The glue was confiscated, their health was assesed and their names were recorded.

More police are being sent to the area to stop people from huffing.

Via in Ipswich, Queensland

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Refrigerant Continues to Grow in Popularity

Theft of refrigerant out of air conditioners continues to stay on a steady rise.

After an entire day of a family's A/C unit was blowing hot air into their residence they called a heating and cooling company to find out what the issue could be.

When a service man arrived he found caps and a plastic bag around the unit. Someone had stolen two pounds worth of refrigerant from the unit to get high.

It cost the family about 150 dollars to correct the situation.

They now have locking service caps on their units.

Via in Fenton, MO

Inhalant Abuse News Video

News piece from WBNS in Columbus, Ohio about the dangers of inhalant abuse.

Sherrifs Work Together for Huffing Ordinance

Sherrifs of Clay County in Iowa are coming together to develop an ordinance against inhalant abuse.

According to one of the sherrif's, at least a dozen incidents have occured in the past month.

They hope to have a concrete ordinance by the fall.

One official said, "Unless we can take them for intoxication, we don't have anything to file against them. They've had several incidents across the state."

The ordinance is in part of an effort for the county and neighboring cities to recognize the abuse with a more serious attitude than what is in place now.

Via in Spencer, IA

Friday, July 15, 2011

Adolescents and Woman Turn to Inhalant Abuse

More and more adolescents and woman are turning towards inhalant abuse in Kashmir Valley. India.

According to psychiatrists the drug abuse epedmic is due to the need for citizens to cope with conditions of the community.

Via in Pakistan

Men Arrested at Concert for Sale of Hazardous Inhalants

Of the thirty-four people arrested on illegal drug charges at the Superball IX Phish Concert two were inhalant related.

A 38-year-old and 40-year-old man were charged with misdemeanor sale of hazardous inhalants.

Via in Corning, NY

Group of Men Spotted Huffing

Four men were spotted huffing an unknown substance from a white canister with a red nozzle.

Via in San Clemente, CA

Woman Neglects Children While Huffing

A 30-year-old woman was found slumped inside her car while her children were left unattended.

The woman had been huffing a can of aerosol spray in the parking lot of a nearby park. A screaming 8-month-old was found sweating with a full diaper in their carseat. Her 3 and 4-year-old were playing at the park unsupervised.

A puddle of the woman's vomit was found outside of her door as well as urine inside the car.

Police weren't sure how long the woman was unresponsive but did find an aerosol can that was cool to the touch.

After refusing an ambulance the woman was taken to jail and the children were taken to their grandparents.

Via in Sandusky, OH

Woman Crashes into Ditch While Under the Influence

A woman crashed into a ditch while under the influence of inhalants.

No injuries were suffered and she was arrested on scene.

Via in Farmersburg, IN

Head on Collision Caused by Huffer

A woman who was huffing dust spray caused a head on collision.

The woman was reported to have crossed the center line and crash into an AMR vehicle.

According to reports the woman never slowed down and had her head tilted back while in operation of the vehicle.

Police found a can of dust spray in the vehicle and the woman confessed to huffing before the incident.

No one was hurt in the collision.

Via in Evansville, IN

Man Ruptures Eight A/C Units for Refrigerant

A 29-year-old man was found huffing refrigerant from an A/C unit.

The man was found crouched between a house and the unit. He was huffing from one of eight A/C units on the block that he had ruptured lines to obtain refrigerant.

The man was charged with Class D felony theft and Class A misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Via in South Bend, IN

Woman Huffs Herself Back to the Authorities

A woman was charged with intentionally inhaling model glue 9 hours after being released on bail for a similar incident.

The 23-year-old woman was spotted huffing behind a restaurant by an employee. When the employee called for help the woman took off.

Authorities found the woman across the street with the nozzle of the can in her mouth, she was then charged.

This same woman was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license (second offense), driving with a suspended tag, failure to maintain lane, two counts of reckless driving and DUI (second offense)just a month ago.

Via in Moultrie, GA

Monday, July 11, 2011

Woman Huffing Dust Cleaner Crashes Into Tree

A woman was charged with resisting law enforcement, driving while intoxicated, criminal reckless and hit and run after a report of her damaging parked cars in a Walgreens parking lot.

Officers found the 30-year-old woman blocks away. When officers caught up with her they reported her as "delirious". While attempting to take her keys from her posession the woman attempted to drive off with officers still attached to the vehicle.

The woman crashed into a tree a few blocks away. No police officers were hurt.

She was huffing dust cleaner.

Via in Evansville, IN

Hit-and-Run Ends in Crash

A woman was hospitalized after a hit-and-run that ended with her vehicle ultimately crashing into a tree.

Police were initally called for a reported hit-and-run. When the police found the woman they began to pursue her and she then struck a tree.

According to police "huffing cans" were found in the vehicle.

Via in Evansville, IN

Friday, July 8, 2011

Indiana Woman Crashes Car Into Tree After Huffing

Last Thursday a woman crashed her car into a tree, a result of being under the influence of inhalants while driving. Police found "huffing cans" in the car and are planning to arrest her once she is released from the hospital.

Via Evansville Courier & Press in Indiana:

Two Inhalant Abuse Incidents in Ohio

Police in Celina, Ohio just released information on two recent inhalant abuse related incidents.

On May 31st, officers responded to a complaint of teens huffing paint on a front porch. They found a 19 year male who was “conscious, but had trouble answering the officer’s questions.” He was cited with a misdemeanor and released to his father.

On June 13, officers responded to a call of a man yelling at Lakeshore Park. Upon arrival they found a 19 year old male holding and huffing from a can of computer duster. He was taken into custody and charged with abusing harmful intoxicants. The man admitted to using the product because “it does not show up on drug tests.”

Via WANE in Ohio:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Installation of Air Conditioning Locks on the Rise

As huffing refrigerant continues to grow in popularity among teens air conditioning companies are capping more and more units to prevent the disturbance.

In the last week four cases of missing refrigerant were reported.

For about $40 to $50 the lock can be installed for added security and peace of mind.

Via in Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Whip-Its" Lead to Man's Reckless Endangerment Charge

A man was found huffing "whip its" after driving erratically.

The 28-year-old struck a guard rail and nearly two vehicles before being stopped by a police officer.

Once found the officer found cream-whippers and a nitrous oxide canister that was "cool to the touch", a sign that it had just been used.

The man was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment, driver's view obstructed, failure to keep right and reckless driving.

Via in Hudson, NY