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Monday, February 22, 2010

Death Strikes Twice in 24 Hours

From the Otago Daily Times:

A Saturday death marked the first of two inhalant-related incidents in New Zealand within less than 24 hours. The victim's mother did not know her daughter was using inhalants in the time leading up to her death but there was one warning sign. Approximately two weeks earlier, she found nine empty cans of flyspray in her daughter's room. When she was confronted, the victim claimed the insecticide was meant to ward off flies.

Her daughter's death has emboldened the mother to speak out about inhalant abuse. Local authorities said the death is part of a larger trend with children as "young as 10" abusing the household items. One doctor pointed the only solution: "Continued education and other preventive measures are essential to help curb an extremely dangerous practice."

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