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Thursday, August 28, 2008

12 Year Old Girl Killed From Huffing

From the Hannibal Courier Post in Missouri:

This past Wednesday a memorial service was held at the home of a 12 year old girl who died after huffing inhalants.

Sierrah Yarbrough was “found in her bed on Sunday, where she had apparently been inhaling aerosol hair spray. Found by her sister, emergency crews were summoned and Sierrah was taken to Columbia for medical care. She failed to regain consciousness, according to the source, and died on Wednesday.”

The community was deeply saddened by the loss of Sierrah. Some of their emotional concerns follow below:
  • "We’re failing our kids"
  • “She learned huffing from somewhere. It was a common can of hair spray. She inhaled so much her brain started to die.”
  • "As a mother of teens myself, my ears have always been to the ground. Now my eyes are definitely more open."
  • “She was a very special girl, the kids hung out together, watched the flood water, and just walked around and played. If I’d known what she was doing, I would have done something. My 11-year-old doesn’t understand why Sierrah died."
  • “The community needs to be aware. An EMT told me this is a real problem in the school."

Help us reach more communities before it's too late. Visit our website and download the necessary materials to talk with your children about this issue.


ACE News said...

A quick update on this case:

"Friends and family are planning a benefit auction for the young Hannibal girl who died last week.

There will be a carnival memorial on September 14th at the Admiral Coontz Army starting at 1 p.m.

Cost is 5-dollars for those 11 and older; 3-dollars for ages 6 to 10, and kids 5 and under get in free.

All proceeds will help the family pay for medical and funeral costs.

Michel Townsend said...

My heart goes out to this family. I lost my son , Tyler Aubrey Townsend (age 14)on February 5th, 2007 to inhaling gasoline fumes. I never knew of such things. Our lost children can never be replaced and out hearts wont ever be the same, but do our best to tell others to help save other children. Heres a link to our his memorial site explainging what happened in our case. Please share it.
God Bless You - Michel Townsend

Anonymous said...

Sierrah was my all time Best Friend and it hit like a rock in the head when her step dad told me she was dead. Kids plz don't do this. My heart goes out to her family.

Mickenzie Adler

shawnee mccloud said...

Sierrah was a very speical girl. she probably wouldnt remember me but we was friends a long time ago...

Chaunte Swartz said...

Sierrah Yarbrough was one of my good friends, we hung out wit eachother almost all the time.. I know we fought and argued a couple of times, but we forgave eachother and became like close friends again like a day after...... She was a nice, and pretty girl who loved being around her friends all the time!! I know that people still miss her really bad.. And one of them people are me, Channelle, Shawnee, and a lot more kids/adults.. Like her sisters Gabby and Savanna and Brittany.. I know she loved to be wit her family.. I think about her almost every day and night, and i try not to cry when i do think of her!! I miss her so much that i wish i could see her one more time in my life. I know that some people didn't like her, and that she didn't like some people. But even though they didn't like eachother, they still went to her visitation, funnral, and candle light thing at her house.. Sierrah Yarbrough was a bright, intelegent young ladie i ever met.....

Cannelle LaFond said...

Sierrah Yarbrough was one of my good and kinda close friends i had.. She was very pretty and smart..She made me laugh every time i was around her. We argued and stuff sometime's, but we became friends again a few day's or minutes after that.. Sierrah had a very pretty young sister, Gabby Yarbrough.. and 2 pretty big sisters Brittany, and Savanna.. they all are very funny and kool.. I love them like they my own sisters, like i did Sierrah..Sierrah was nice and good to all her friends she had, and still has...... She was very kool also.. I LOVE YOU SIERRAH LEE YARBROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Tabitha roach said
sierrah was one of my best friends i loved hearing her talk. she was a very pritty girl. she was loved by alot of people. i think of sierrah every day i miss her so much. i wish i could talk to her and see her one more time. sierrah was like my sister i loved her so much. me, her, chaunte, and channelle were all good friends and we all think about her every day. bethany chamberlain was a good friend to sierrah to she loved sierrah. her and sierrah grow up around eachother i try to speed all my time with her as i could i miss her still i wish i could see her agin. sierrah ment so much to me i wish she was here still i really miss her

Mickenzie Adler said...

Sierrah Le Yarbough was my best friend.. we spent almost every day of the summer she died together. we had a building we called the fire house, we hung out in it every day. a few weeks after she died i planned to go there alone to try and be with her one more time.. they tore it down the next day. til this day i still cant pass the fire house without having a flash back of all the fires we made and our games.. i miss you sierrah. if i could i would take your place in heaven..